About the Real Id Identification Card NC

About the Real Id Identification Card NC

About Real Id Identification Cards mes Under the REAL ID Act, each state must issue driver’s licenses or identification cards that meet stringent security standards – known as Real IDs – that can be used for federally sanctioned activities, including boarding commercial flights and entering military installations, correctional facilities and nuclear power plants.

North Carolina didn’t require REAL IDs until October 2020 for people to obtain driver’s licenses and ID cards, but starting May 3 2023 anyone traveling on domestic airlines or visiting nuclear power plants or federal facilities must present one in order to board or enter buildings.

Why Is Migrant Rights Difficult To Achieve? Illegal immigrants living in the US will often require state-issued licenses or ID cards that meet REAL ID compliance in order to avoid arrest and deportation proceedings. This requires them to visit a driver’s license office in person, present proof of their identity and residency status as well as pay the same fees that everyone else does for licensing services.

How Can I Apply for a REAL ID in North Carolina? In order to apply for a REAL ID in North Carolina, you will need to provide evidence of both your identity and residency – such as birth certificates, valid U.S. passport or immigration documents, Social Security numbers as well as two documents showing you are living here legally.

Real ID cards can be obtained at any DMV driver’s license office by providing your identification documents as well. If necessary, legal name changes can also be completed using either marriage licenses or divorce decrees as proof.