Buy a Fake Passport of Croatia

Buy a Fake Passport of Croatia

Croatia recently joined Europe’s Schengen Area, making travel freely across its 27 member countries without passport checks possible. It marks a new beginning for this Balkan nation that was marred by three-decade war and high levels of crime over many decades.

Croatia offers numerous ways for foreigners to obtain fake passports to allow them to enter and remain within its borders, but be mindful that obtaining one may require patience and expertise.

Passports are documents that permit travel outside of your own country and can be obtained from any government department. Croatia offers three kinds of passports: regular, diplomatic and official.

Passport Types

The Croatian passport is dark blue in colour with the coat of arms of Croatia emblazoned on its front cover, machine-readable pages containing 34 pages of information, machine readable passport types.

Biometric passports feature a microchip containing two fingerprints and digital images of those presented it for entry. Validity span is five years and they may be used for entry to all Schengen countries.

Buy a Fake Passport of Croatia

In order to purchase a fake passport in Croatia, first fill out an application form. This can be done either online or by visiting an embassy or consulate directly.

If applying from abroad, submit the completed application in person at either your home country’s embassy or consulate or at one of the appropriate police administration/stations based on where your temporary residency address lies (please refer to list of police administrations/stations). Your submission can either be in Croatian or English language.