Buy a Real Driver License Online in New York

buy a real driver license online

Buy a Real Driver License Online in New York

New Yorkers who only possess standard driver’s or non-driver’s licenses as their form of identification now have access to federally compliant Real ID documents with gold stars in the upper right corner and marked as Federal ID documents, acceptable for domestic flights as well as entering some federal facilities. These cards and documents may also be purchased online.

Real ID is required under the federal REAL ID Act, created in response to 9/11 Commission recommendations that states create standards for issuing sources of identification. Initially, states were expected to meet their minimum requirements by October 2022 but this date has since been postponed until May 2025.

New York’s REAL ID process mandates a Social Security number, two proofs of identity for both the driver and applicant, a photo and digital fingerprinting and is intended to ensure that only persons claiming citizenship and legal presence in the U.S. use REAL IDs; the NYCLU and ACLU have long opposed such requirements.

Real ID applications cannot be completed online or by mail; applicants for Real ID documents must come directly to a DMV office in person and apply in person. New York currently boasts 16 fully operating DMV offices that are equipped to handle Real ID applications; click any of the buttons below to learn about eligibility requirements for REAL ID products and locate an office nearby.