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Buy Drivers License Online


If you live in the UK, Buy Drivers License Online to drive legally requires a UK driving license. On this site, you can obtain one for far less than usual while receiving it in less than 10 days—even faster for foreigners!

As a migrant, getting your driver’s licence may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Community groups, your GP and online resources may all offer advice and assistance for this process; some even offer free assistance for migrants without government aid.

For your UK driving licence application process to run smoothly, a valid passport and proof of identity are both necessary. If you are exchanging from another EU or EA country, an exchange form can help expedite this process; simply provide your driving license number, national insurance number and passport number when exchanging.

Before applying for a full driving licence in the UK, residents must reside for at least three years. You can do this either by applying for a Residence Permit (BRP) or finding an individual to vouch for you as a sponsor. Furthermore, they will require having a permanent address. If living with family or a sponsor, they should ensure they are adequately insured to drive.