Buy Drivers License Online USA For a Foreigner

Buy Drivers License Online USA For a Foreigner

Driver’s licenses are official documents that identify you as an authorized driver and enable you to operate your own vehicle on public roads in the US. They serve as personal ID, which you can use to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, enroll in school courses and qualify for government benefits and obtain loans from financial institutions.

Foreigners with existing non-US driving licenses or International Driver’s Permits issued from another country can purchase drivers license online usa. It is necessary, however, to get an English translation either from the embassy of their home country or through an outside translator company.

Passing the driving test to obtain a driver’s license in the US can be a complicated process depending on your nationality and residency status.

Before applying for a driver’s license in most countries, one must pass both a vision and theory exam. In the US, however, you also need to pass an additional road skills test in order to receive your permit.

Your driver’s license should also be in English; an English translation can be obtained either from your home country’s embassy or through a translation company.

As of December 2016, 16 states had laws in place granting driving privileges to immigrants without legal status; four had laws prohibiting such efforts.