Buy Driving Licence Ukraine

buy driving licence ukraine

Buy Driving Licence Ukraine

Foreigners living in Ukraine may find obtaining a driving license a daunting process, due to all the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain one. From training at driving schools and passing practical exams, to dealing with all of the red tape involved. Our team at OLSON assists migrant families navigate these rules and regulations easily.

We can assist in quickly and conveniently purchasing a driving licence in Ukraine. To achieve this goal, we have developed an efficient process that ensures it takes minimal effort on your part to complete. Furthermore, our team of legal specialists stands ready to offer their assistance should any legal support be needed during the application process.

Your national driver’s license does not serve as an international driving permit. An IDP translates your national driving license into any of 12 widely spoken languages and helps to verify your identity if there is ever an accident or border checks; additionally, certain car rental companies require this document before renting vehicles to foreigners.

Noteworthy is the possibility that in the near future Ukrainian drivers may be required to renew their licenses on an annual basis, similar to what already occurs in Europe. This would save both time and effort when traveling overseas for migrants as well as prevent police confiscating driving licenses en masse. Although no exact date for this change has been set forth yet, this article will be updated as soon as more details become available.