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A threat actor has posted for sale over 21,000 California driver licenses and credit reports stolen from an identity verification, loan origination and finance solutions provider that experienced a data breach. The documents reveal information such as customer names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses and credit histories of customers residing within California.

While some states have prohibited undocumented immigrants from receiving licenses, others have enacted laws providing driving privilege cards which don’t require as intensive background checks as full licenses do; those possessing these cards must present proof of address such as an electricity bill with them to prove who they belong to; this makes working illegally more difficult while helping law enforcement spot fraud activities, according to Gonzalez.

Critics contend that more flexible ID laws could actually exacerbate conditions for undocumented workers, who may find themselves less able to secure employment because employers lack trust for them. Migrant workers also face difficulty traveling across states to visit family.