Buy fake drivers license Austria

Buy fake drivers license Austria

How Can Foreigners Purchase Fake Driver’s License in Austria

Step one in purchasing fake drivers license for foreigners in Austria involves finding a reputable company offering quality fake passports and driver’s licenses worldwide, to ensure timely delivery of your document. This will also guarantee quality products.

Bring along an international driving permit (IDP) for Austria when driving in this country as this will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to search your documents when needed.

Retrieving Your Driver’s License in Austria

Residents with non-EU or EEA driving licences who relocate to Austria typically can continue using their foreign licence for six months from arrival, before having to convert it to an Austrian one.

How to Acquire a Driving Licence in Austria

In Austria, in order to be granted a driver’s license you must be 18 years or over and pass a two-stage test consisting of both theory and road exams held at a driving school near your location.

Convert Your Non-EU or EEA Driving Licence into an Austrian One

Converting Your non-EU or EEA Driver Licence can either be completed independently, or with assistance from your local driving school. Most often, all that will be required of you will be to provide copies of both the driving licence and medical certificate of health; then simply hand them both over and relax! The driving school will do all the rest!