Buy fake drivers license Bulgaria

Buy Fake Drivers License For a Foreigner in Bulgaria

Buy Fake Driver’s License in Bulgaria

A fake Bulgarian driving license can make life simpler for foreigners in Bulgaria. Not only can it save you time at the driving test, it can be used to rent cars in Bulgaria as well as serve as proof of identity and citizenship, especially if you’re an asylum seeker.

Steps for Acquiring a Fake Drivers License in Bulgaria

In order to obtain a Bulgarian driver’s license, a valid drivers license from your home country is necessary. Alternatively, an International Driver Permit issued by the UN may provide extra safety and convenience when travelling internationally.

As part of the process for obtaining a Bulgarian driving license, taking several lessons and an exam are necessary. Start off by attending a theory course before switching over to practical lessons (at your own pace).

There are various driving schools in Bulgaria, but you must ensure they have been accredited by the Ministry of Transport of Bulgaria and offer classes in English.

As part of your course, you will learn to drive safely and securely while receiving a comprehensive workbook with Bulgarian road traffic rules. In order to obtain your drivers license in Bulgaria, both written and practical exams must be passed successfully.