Buy fake drivers license Israel

Buy fake drivers license Israel

Purchase of fake Israeli drivers license is an arduous task that may take months and be fraught with difficulty, since one must pass through various procedures and comply with Israel’s rules and regulations.

First and foremost, make an appointment with Misrad Harishui by calling them and scheduling a date and location. Bring all relevant documents including your foreign driver’s license, Teudat Zehut document and proof that you had been licensed five years earlier (expired Israeli license or DMV record).

Before your driving test, it is advisable to visit an optician approved by Misrad Harishui and have your vision tested at an eye doctor – this typically costs around 50 shekels. This test should also help in case any eye conditions arise while driving.

Once at the post office, present your temporary license, teudat zahut or foreign passport with cash payment of its associated shekel amount and print out or bring to be validated and stamped by an Automated Licensing Machine the temporary license that has been generated from it.

There are various websites online offering fake drivers’ licenses; however, many do not enjoy an excellent reputation and have even been accused of engaging in illegal activities by Israeli police. You should avoid such websites as they may send fake licenses which do not meet legal or quality standards.