Buy Fake Passport in UK Online For As Little As PS3,500

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Buy Fake Passport in UK Online For As Little As PS3,500

A gang is selling UK passports on the Dark Web for as little as PS3,500 each, drawing customers from all around the globe. Their business exposes a gaping hole in border security as criminals and terrorists use fake documents to bypass border control and enter Britain undetected.

The gang’s primary operation is in Albania, where they produce and sell counterfeit passports to clients worldwide. But they have also advertised fake British driving licenses and visas, along with fake birth, marriage and Covid certificates for sale to potential clients around the world. When The Mail posed as potential client hoping to bring someone over from Spain for medical treatment in England, videos were sent showing one forger working on documents with his cousin forging documents as well as pictures showing customer boarding passes to Stansted airport.

Customers facing deportation from their country of residence and being barred from entering EU countries as well as penalties and criminal liability may opt for fraudulent marriage, though that process can take months – each country sets their own procedures, often including passing an exam on language and history before showing integration into society.

Use of altered or fraudulent ID is illegal in the UK and any use may lead to severe consequences – from buying cars and renting property through to entering pubs that allow underage drinking. Anyone caught with fake documents such as passports may face being banned from entry as well as fines of up to PS10,000.