Buy Fake Passport of Malta

Buy Fake Passport of Malta

Home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of Europe’s top holiday spots.

Maltese passports are among the strongest passports available worldwide, issued by the government of Malta with a distinctive burgundy cover featuring their coat of arms engraved above and an international biometric passport symbol.

Citizenship by Investment scheme enables you to obtain residency in Malta and later naturalize as Maltese citizen, which entitles you and your family members to travel around Europe and Schengen zones without needing visas.

Assuring Citizenship Through Investment Acquiring Maltese citizenship involves several steps.

An investigation conducted jointly by the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, The Guardian, Dossier Centre and five independent Maltese media organisations revealed the extent of this practice. Their joint investigation relied upon thousands of emails sent between Henley & Partners’ citizenship broker who helped structure Malta’s golden passport scheme and potential applicants requesting citizenship documents from Henley & Partners citizenship broker who assisted with structuring golden passport schemes like these in Malta.