Buy Fake Passport of Pakistan

Buy Fake Passport of Pakistan

Are You Planning on Travelling From Pakistan

If you plan to leave Pakistan for any reason, purchasing a fake passport might be wise. Doing so shouldn’t be hard – here in Pakistan they make getting fake passports easy!

Step one of obtaining a counterfeit passport involves visiting NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority). There may also be agencies offering fake passports at an additional fee.

Acquiring a false passport in Pakistan is simple and can be completed by anyone who speaks and writes English.

However, the process may not be so straightforward; many unscrupulous agents charge exorbitant prices for fake documents before taking their cut when you leave.

Islamabad, where unemployment rates are at their peak and many residents desperately wish to leave the country, has seen this scam thrive particularly quickly.

An attorney working with IRIN recently told IRIN News Agency of cases in which people were caught at airports more than three times with fake passports; one individual was even stopped with an Afghan fake passport.

Women often pose as Afghan nationals to leave the country and live abroad.

Migrant scams have become a lucrative industry, and people will do anything possible to leave the country.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrests six document fraudsters each day

According to Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), an estimated number of tens of thousands are involved in document fraud – an industry estimated to be worth millions of dollars annually.