Buy fake passport of Russia

How to Buy a Fake Passport of Russia

How to Buy a Fake Passport

Are You Travelling Abroad and Need a Fake Passport
Here are a few tips for those traveling abroad and needing a fake passport in Russia, from purchasing it through legitimate dealers, or any kind of fraud or exploitation which might lead to the loss of money and/or visa that won’t meet your travel plans.

Second, compare the name on your passport with that on other official identity documents to determine if they match exactly. This can be accomplished by looking at letter spacing to ensure it is even and consistent across documents.

Thirdly, you should verify the date of issue to determine if it predates the current age of its holder – otherwise it could be fake.

Fourthly, you should verify if the region names in your passport correspond with those found on Okata code numbers on the back. You can do this by comparing region codes found on both documents with those provided by Klassifikators’ website (see Resources).

Fifthly, you should confirm if the person you’re dealing with has any criminal convictions in Russia. If they do, then they won’t be permitted to enter or leave the country legally.

Remember to inform yourself if travelling to Russia on a visa not issued by the British Embassy in Moscow that your consular assistance may be limited and don’t expect us to help in any way – Russian authorities won’t recognize your nationality and you may be treated as a Russian national instead of being treated like one!