Buy Italian Drivers License Online For a Migrant

buy italian drivers license online

Buy Italian Drivers License Online For a Migrant

If you’re planning a road trip through Italy, make sure that you have a valid driver’s license – otherwise you could miss out on seeing Rome’s iconic Colosseum, Michelangelo’s genius in Florence or Venice’s romantic dreamscape of palaces and canals! And if you are traveling from abroad as well, ensure you also obtain an international driving permit (or translation of your driver’s license), so that driving legally in the country.

Italian law stipulates that visitors from outside the European Union who wish to drive in Italy require an international driving permit and present it at car rental companies when picking up vehicles; otherwise they could face fines of up to EUR 317!

Acquiring an Italian driver’s license can be challenging for migrants. You will first need to pass both theory and practical exams, followed by any medical exams required (if driving trucks or large buses). Finally, once over 65 you must renew your license annually before it expires.

Now it is easier than ever for migrants to buy an Italian driver’s license online; some companies even provide free translation services so your driving record and documents can be translated into Italian. But before beginning the process it’s essential that migrants understand why this task can be so challenging.