Buy Legit Passport Online in USA

buy legit passport online in usa

Buy Legit Passport Online in USA

Starting this Friday, the government is unveiling an easier method of renewing passports than ever. Qualifying Americans can now apply online if their last one is set to expire. Unfortunately, however, not everyone qualifies – the State Department will accept applications on a first come/first served basis until its application cap has been reached.

If you don’t qualify for online processing, you can still apply in person at a regional passport agency or center. Additionally, the State Department offers expedited services for travelers with urgent travel plans; expediting can reduce processing times to 10-13 weeks when submitted before its deadline.

To submit an in-person passport application, it is necessary to schedule an appointment. When attending this appointment, bring photo identification, your completed passport application form and any supporting documentation such as official birth certificates or driver licenses as well as photographs that meet government standards.

Be wary of any scams targeting passport applicants. Although some private courier companies and passport expeditors are approved by the State Department to submit passport applications on their customers’ behalf, many others are unofficial and will charge extra for services that could otherwise be obtained for free from government agencies. Furthermore, many of them require you to appear personally for their application, further increasing costs.