Buy Passport Appointment Before It’s Too Late

buy passport appointment

Buy Passport Appointment Before It’s Too Late

Seth Ruberto found himself scrambling for a passport, searching online forums like Reddit and Facebook for advice in an attempt to secure one before time ran out. Unfortunately, many were selling appointment times at exorbitant rates – although he managed to secure one from someone via private message on Reddit for free – though price tags for such appointments continue to climb as more travelers compete for them before it’s too late.

Department of State backlogs have resulted in delayed mailing of passports. Due to high demand and this delay, some individuals have found it hard to schedule appointments at their regional passport agency. Therefore, this agency has decided to offer limited last-minute passport appointments; priority will be given to applicants with genuine life or travel emergencies or urgent travel needs.

Anyone facing an urgent passport-related matter must reach out to the National Passport Information Center immediately for additional details and an appointment, as these are the only slots left during summer 2017.

Appointments can only be scheduled at the Passport Acceptance Facility in Houston and this facility only accepts appointment requests online and through mail. Applicants must bring several documents: