Buy Real Driving License of Belarus

Buy real driving license of Belarus

Buy Real Driving License of Belarus

Purchase real driving license of Belarus

In order to acquire a driving license in Belarus as a foreigner, one must complete a three-month course and pass a knowledge and skills test administered by the State Traffic Inspection (traffic police). This procedure must be adhered to for those staying more than six months in Belarus.

Belarus requires drivers from other countries with valid driver’s licenses wishing to drive on its roads for longer than six months to present a valid driving license and V5 registration document from their home countries. Additionally, car insurance certificates and V5 registration documents will need to be presented.

Road safety is administered by uniformed traffic police officers known as DAI or GAI in Belarusian and Russian respectively. If a police officer points a red retro-reflector at you, you must stop and present all relevant driving and insurance documents as soon as possible.

Speed limits vary by location; for built-up areas they are 60km/h, 90km/h outside and 120km/h on motorways. Driver’s license, car insurance certificate and V5 registration document should always be carried when renting.

Fuel prices in Belarus depend on the type of petrol consumed; an average gasoline price ranges from 0.65-1.25 per liter while Euro-5-grade diesel can now be found for sale at Belarusian gas stations since 2012.

An exception exists if using a hands-free system is in use, while driving. Belarus does not enforce an alcohol limit for drivers but can detect excessive alcohol consumption upon request by law enforcement.