Buy Real Driving License of Canada For Foreigners

Buy real driving license of Canada

Buy Real Driving License of Canada For Foreigners

An international driver license can be difficult to acquire in Canada. To drive in any province or territory of Canada, you will require an official driving permit issued by its government allowing you to operate any vehicle you own and travel throughout its boundaries.

There are various routes to obtaining a Canadian driver’s license.

First, visit your local Driver Examination Centre and apply in person with all of the documents that prove you meet Canadian car insurance criteria – this may include your home country driver’s licence as well as passport or identification documents and proof of insurance from Canada.

Next, you must pass both a written exam and road test, which vary by province or territory. Your driving test can either take place using a computer simulator or at an actual location nearby – either will require you to demonstrate knowledge of the highway code while safely operating a motor vehicle on public roads.

Acquiring a Canadian driving license can be complex and time consuming; however, there are ways that can make the process easier for those holding foreign licenses.

One option available to you is exchanging your license from an eligible country, which will give you credit towards either a class-5 Ontario driver’s license, or possibly class-6 depending on which country issued your original driver’s license.

An International Driving Permit (IDP), which will translate your foreign license into English or French and allow you to drive legally for a set period in Canada for a short-term. A vision and hearing exam as well as road testing must also be successfully passed before applying.