Buy Real Driving License of Cyprus

Buy real driving license of Cyprus

Buy Real Driving License of Cyprus

If you are an expatriate living in Cyprus and in need of purchasing a driving license, it will likely prove challenging due to strict rules set by the Ministry of Transport which make obtaining such licenses even more challenging for migrants.

Before applying for a driving licence in Cyprus, first provide proof that you have resided there for at least six months (such as utility bills).

Next, it is necessary to exchange your original driving licence for one issued by Cypriot authorities. You can do this either online or by visiting a road transport agency.

As part of your application for a Cypriot license, it will also be necessary to surrender your old licence which no longer qualifies; you can do this either at a road transport agency or by sending your documents directly to the Ministry of Transport.

When visiting the road transport office, it is advisable to bring with you your original driving licence as well as two copies of its pages and any evidence proving you reside permanently in Cyprus.

The new drivers licenses feature multiple laser symbols and chips and utilize internationally standard vehicle categories. Their secure layout resembles that of plastic credit card-sized photo IDs while offering more information such as entitlements and vehicle categories listed.