Buy Real Driving License of Czech Republic For Migrants

Buy Real Driving License of Czech Republic For Migrants

As a migrant driving in the Czech Republic, it is crucial that you obtain a driver’s license prior to arriving. Driving without valid authorization could incur fines from authorities and insurance providers may refuse to cover claims without proper documentation.

Apply for your driver’s license at over 200 municipal offices throughout the Czech Republic; however, some key information must first be known. An International Driving Permit (IDP) issued from either Czech Republic or another EU member state is essential in applying for your license.

Second, you must present evidence of your current residency in the Czech Republic – such as an employment contract lasting six months or a rental agreement.

Thirdly, you must present a doctor’s certificate certifying your physical fitness to drive. Once this step has been fulfilled, two separate exams and tests must be passed – written exam and practical test respectively.

Dependent upon your home country, taking driving lessons may require multiple units at an accredited driving school. Once complete, once ready to exchange or obtain your license from another country.

Migrants find it challenging to obtain a driving license in the Czech Republic due to multiple barriers. If you are an EU member state citizen or from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein you may easily exchange your driving license at one of the offices with extended powers in your area for a Czech one.