Buy Real Driving License of Israel

Buy real driving license of Israel

Buy Real Driving License of Israel

Driving license of Israel is essential to exploring this beautiful country at your own pace, whether visiting popular tourist spots such as Dead Sea, Masada or Haifa. Exploring all that Israel offers on your own with your car.

Step one in getting a driver’s license is visiting an optometrist approved by Misrad Harishui for a vision exam, which should cost approximately 50 shekels and help ensure you pass your driving exam when the time comes.

Next, bring your teudat zehut (foreign passport with temporary ID number), hafnaya and driver’s license to Misrad Harishui offices located in Be’er Sheva, Eilat, Haifa, Holon or Jerusalem. Visa holders can also receive temporary licenses by email or automated licensing machines and print it out before going to a post office.

Return to a post office with your temporary license, teudat zehut or foreign passport along with cash in the amount specified on it and stamp your paper – at which point the post office will issue you your Israeli driver’s license.

With a valid foreign license, driving in Israel for up to one year after your arrival is possible with no requirement to convert your foreign license first. However, should you leave and reenter within this timeframe, any subsequent trips require conversion of your foreign license in order to drive legally again.