Buy Real Driving License of Lithuania For a Foreigner

Buy real driving license of Lithuania

Buy Real Driving License of Lithuania For a Foreigner

As an international driver seeking a driving license in Lithuania can be tricky. First, your driving license needs to have been issued from a country recognized by its government.

Your home country driving license should last you for up to six months after arriving in Lithuania if you declare residency. Otherwise, a Lithuanian driver’s license will need to be acquired.

There are multiple steps involved in obtaining a driver’s license in Lithuania, with various rules depending on your country of residence and whether your home driving licence was issued in an EU country or non-EU one. If you need guidance regarding your situation, be sure to reach out for advice from Regitra specialists for guidance.

Driving regulations in Lithuania are similar to those found in the UK; however, with some notable distinctions. You must always wear seat belts while driving and children under three years old cannot sit in the front seat.

Liability insurance is mandatory upon entry to Lithuania and can be purchased either at the border, online or from a REGITRA office in your locality.

Driving in Lithuania is relatively safe and hassle-free, but there are a few key things you should remember prior to hitting the roads. For instance, Lithuania has set its Blood Alcohol Limit at 0.04% per 100ml of blood for legal drivers – so be wary.