Buy Real Driving License of Russia

Buy real driving license of Russia

Buy Real Driving License of Russia

Road traffic in Russia is notoriously bad. Acquiring a driver’s license is no simple matter, even for experienced drivers it may prove challenging to pass their test.

To operate a vehicle in Russia, drivers require either a Russian driving license (or international one accompanied by an IDP). The legal age for drivers in the country is 18 and it is recommended to apply for one upon your first arrival in Russia.

Acquiring a driver’s license in Russia is a complex process requiring classroom lessons, practice sessions and taking an exam. There are various licensed driving schools you can choose from for the course; most take between three to six months depending on how much information is covered during each lesson.

Why does it take so much work for foreigners to obtain a driver’s license in Russia?

In comparison with most countries, road conditions in Russia tend to be poor and often not properly maintained compared with most Western nations; so taking extra care when driving here is highly advised.

Russian road police, also known as GAI (State Automobile Inspection), is quite active and may randomly inspect your vehicle. You should carry all documents related to driving in Russia as well as an translated version of your license just in case the police stop you.

If your national driving license was issued from one of the countries signed to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, once you arrive in Russia you have 60 days to exchange it for one issued by Russia.