Buy real driving license of Spain

How to Get a Driving License in Spain

Finding a driving license in Spain may prove challenging for migrants from Britain or America due to Spain’s stringent documentation rules for non-EU residents.

Driver’s licenses can be obtained in various ways depending on one’s country of origin. Europeans and citizens of EU/EFTA nations can exchange their national license for one issued in Spain when it expires or when moving here for more than six months.

There are agreements in place with various countries for non-EU/EEA residents to exchange their licenses without taking an exam, but as these lists often change it’s wise to contact either your home country’s embassy/consulate in Spain or the DGT for more information on which ones have this arrangement.

To apply for a driver’s license in Spain, the following documents will be necessary:

Documents which verify your legal status and date of birth in your country of origin (not the date when you became eligible to reside here).

Your valid driving license from your country of origin that meets the minimum age requirements for the category of vehicle you wish to drive is essential for safe operation.

Medical certification from a Spanish physician that attests to your physical and psychological fitness to drive in accordance with the vehicle category in which you are applying.

Once you have all the required paperwork in order, schedule an appointment at the DGT to hand in your original licence and get a new Spanish one issued in its place. In doing so, you can start driving legally in Spain while your new driving permit will be sent directly back home.