Buy Real Passport of Canada Online

Buy real passport of Canada

Buy Real Passport of Canada Online

If you are an immigrant living in Canada and do not possess a passport, obtaining one may prove challenging due to various issues.

A Canadian passport is an official document that certifies citizenship. While it can be used to travel abroad, its many other uses also make it worthwhile.

To apply for a Canadian passport, it’s necessary to secure a guarantor and two references who know you for at least two years and are 18 or over Canadian citizens; they will sign your application form, one passport photo and all supporting identity documents.

Step two is applying in person or by mail. Submitting applications via mail may take more time and may incur costs; use a certified courier or traceable mail service for best results.

Once your application has been submitted, processing should take roughly one month. To get an idea of this timeline visit Passport Canada website.