Buy Real Passport of Estonia

Buy real passport of Estonia

Buy Real Passport of Estonia

Estonia’s real passport

A passport is the primary method of identification when it comes to citizenship and international travel, especially EU-member nations. A valid passport provides proof that an adult resides legally within their home country for at least a year – making travel possible and essential.

Documents such as passports are key components of working for an international company or traveling internationally with family; they serve as legal proof that shows where you are staying while abroad and can even serve as travel documentation on planes and boats.

However, even as a member of the Schengen Area, Estonia requires non-citizens to follow certain procedures when it comes to applying for an Estonian passport – and this process can be lengthy and challenging.

Step one is applying online or in person at a government self-service portal (if outside Estonia), with up to 30 days for receipt of your passport (there may also be an option of applying for ID card simultaneously for an additional fee).

If this is your first application for a passport in Estonia, two documents will be necessary to submit an application: (1) proof of citizenship documents (2) digital document photos You can send your document photo directly to olits via email or take it in at any client service office in Estonia