Buy Real Passport of Ireland Online

Buy real passport of Ireland

Buy Real Passport of Ireland Online

Irish passports are highly desired travel documents and obtaining one may take time and multiple steps.

Passport Online provides the easiest and simplest way to apply for an Irish passport. Submitting your application can be completed online while you track its status using an 11-digit Application Number.

Ireland’s citizenship by descent program is one of the world’s most generous. Not everyone, however, qualifies. Individuals with Irish ancestry may also obtain second citizenship through marriage to an Irish citizen.

To apply for an Irish passport, you need proof that either one or both parents or grandparent are Irish, as well as proof of birth including their place, name and ages at birth. Furthermore, an official photo I.D is necessary in addition to copies of their death certificates if they passed before you were born.

Irish citizens may freely travel within Europe, the EEA and Switzerland without needing a visa, and can apply for passport cards granting access for up to five years within these regions.

Your passport can be obtained either through an Irish embassy in your home country or the Passport Office; however, obtaining one may prove more challenging if you have resided outside Ireland for some time.