Buy Real Passport of Lithuania Online

Buy Real Passport of Lithuania Online

How Can Foreigners Acquire Passports in Lithuania

Acquiring a real passport of Lithuania online is straightforward. These 32 pages include polycarbonate personal data pages with laser-engraved signatures as well as the Coat of Arms of Lithuania with titles “EUROPOS SAJUNGA” and “LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA.”

How Can Foreigners Apply for Passports in Finland, Sweden or Poland? To start the application process for a foreigner passport in Finland, Sweden or Poland? First step should be identifying what documents you require – personal checklist (see below) or check passport office website can help here.

Your personal checklist will provide a list of documents to be submitted, such as copies of your identity certificate and police certificate, along with whether these should be legalised and translated before submission.

Foreigners living in the Netherlands, Sweden or Poland can obtain citizenship by providing proof from an ancestor who lived in Lithuania prior to 1990 or was deported under Soviet regime. You must show that your ancestor held a Lithuanian passport or was a citizen of Republic of Lithuania before 1918.

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If you are seeking to obtain a passport for someone from outside your own country, it is best to begin the application process as early as possible. The application process typically takes around 1.5 years.