Buy Real Passport of Malta

Buy real passport of Malta

Buy Real Passport of Malta

As a migrant in Malta seeking a passport for yourself, family, or business can be challenging due to government requirements ensuring only those with genuine connections to Malta receive one.

To demonstrate that you have real ties to Malta, in order to prove it you must invest a certain amount of money, purchase property, pay rent and donate.

Maltese passport program offers many attractive benefits to those who qualify, while providing its citizens with some of the strongest protections in Europe.

There are, however, serious reservations about this program; according to the European Commission it violates EU law.

Malta continues selling golden passports despite legal proceedings from Brussels, and plans on continuing the operation of their golden passport program.

Maltese passports have quickly become one of the world’s most sought-after documents due to their many advantages. Their strong and secure nature enable travel throughout Schengen without restrictions or delays.