Buy real passport of Netherlands

Buy real passport of Netherlands

How to Get a Passport of Netherlands

How To Obtain a Passport in Netherlands

Applying for a passport involves multiple steps. First, an appointment should be scheduled with one of the city offices.

Next, bring your current Dutch passport and identity card. Additionally, an acceptable passport photo should also be brought.

How to get your passport

Your application for a passport will be processed at your local gemeente (city government). Processing time typically ranges between three and five days before you can collect your document directly; alternatively, fast track procedures (spoedprocedure) may be available at additional cost.

Citizenship Abroad

To become a Dutch national, one must reside for at least five years and pass a civic integration test. You may also qualify for naturalization if married to or living with someone from the Netherlands for at least three years and having had children together as per Dutch nationals regulations.

Driving Licence in NL

A Dutch driving licence is the national ID document for all residents who drive, valid for 10 years at first issue but renewable thereafter as long as its status remains valid.

Drivers without Dutch licenses may apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) at one of the ANWB office locations throughout the country. IDPs can be issued valid for either one year (Geneva Convention) or three years (Vienna Convention).

An International Driving Permit (IDP) serves as proof that you are licensed driver in your home country and is recognized all around the globe. Furthermore, using an IDP helps overcome language barriers when travelling overseas.