Buy real passport of Russia

Buy real passport of Russia

How to Get a Passport in Russia

Foreigners holding Russian passports enjoy unparalleled mobility around the globe. Russia boasts one of the richest and most diverse resource bases on Earth, making it a global powerhouse and offering businesses plenty of investment opportunities.

Russia is notoriously complex when it comes to getting a passport, with numerous requirements and documentation processes involved in applying for one. This makes obtaining one especially challenging for foreigners with family in Russia who wish to become citizens.

Russia’s laws stipulate that foreigners wishing to reside in Russia must first purchase government bonds worth 30 million rubles (US$ 400,000), holding onto them for at least three years before applying for residency status – in contrast with living there for five years and paying taxes on income alone in the U.S.

It can be an enormous burden on travelers who need to stay mobile while travelling abroad frequently or needing to meet business contacts in Russia.

Russia provides multiple pathways for obtaining a passport; the key to successful application lies in following all regulations. You should keep your passport, visa and migration card with you at all times as police may stop and ask to see them.