Buy real passport of Slovenia

Buy real passport of Slovenia

How to Get a Passport in Slovenia

How to Get a Passport in Slovenia If you reside as a foreign national and wish to travel outside of Europe, in order to access 183 countries worldwide, obtaining a passport will allow free movement throughout Europe and more importantly across borders.

Apply for your passport in Slovenia through your country’s Embassy or Consulate, both in person and through mail. It’s simple and fast – apply today!

Attaining a driver’s license in Slovenia requires filling out an application form, providing copies of your passport and residence permit, paying required fees, as well as providing evidence that shows your ability to operate safely within local laws.

Earning a driving license in Slovenia is possible for any EU citizen who has held onto their valid licence for at least six months or completed necessary training courses. You will have to pass both theory and road driving tests.

How to Gain Citizenship By Descent in Slovenia

If your ancestry can be traced to any part of Slovenia or its historical territories, applying for citizenship by descent could give you access to an amazing and safe country, while giving access to other EU member states.

How to Gain Residency in Slovenia

Establish a business or invest in real estate that can enable legal residency and open the path towards citizenship in Slovenia. Residency costs relatively inexpensively, giving you an ideal way to escape America and experience something truly centralized!