Buy real passport of Sweden

Buy real passport of Sweden

How to Get a Passport For a Foreigner in Sweden

Acquiring a passport as a foreigner in Sweden is not simple, so if you plan on travelling for either leisure or work-related visits it is vital that you make sure you possess one in order to travel safely and legally.

Migrants and refugees find obtaining passports in Sweden to be challenging. Migration Agency implemented several measures designed to strengthen its examination of proven identities and valid passports.

1. A Swedish passport is a travel document issued by the Swedish government which allows its holder to freely enter and leave Sweden, as well as travel internationally without restrictions or limitations. It features specific security features which identify it as travel documentation.

2. If you need a passport, the easiest and simplest way is to apply in person at your local Swedish consulate or embassy.

3. For successful application, one needs Swedish citizenship and either a permanent residence permit (or EU citizenship status with residence card) or living relatives of Swedish nationals in Sweden.