Buy Your Driver’s License Online

Buy Your Driver's License Online


Buy Your Driver’s License Online

Driver’s licenses are one of the most essential pieces of identification. Migrants use them to build communities, Buy Your Driver’s License Online secure better employment opportunities, and protect themselves against employers who withhold wages from them; yet, it can often be challenging to secure one.

Recently, several states including New York, have passed laws permitting migrants to apply for driving privilege cards that don’t fit federal immigration reform’s criteria and mark “NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES.” State governments are taking matters into their own hands by licensing immigrants who cannot prove legal status and licensing them anyway.

Migrants need a license in order to travel and work, yet the bureaucracy associated with applying can be an immense obstacle. Families, in particular, can find this process time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, language barriers often pose problems—official documents must be translated before being submitted—while certain tests, like written exams that precede road tests, are conducted in multiple languages.

Although renewing can be dauntingly complex, some have managed to bypass it by applying in another state, such as Canada or Massachusetts, for temporary licenses before returning to New York with it in hand. But this strategy poses risks as well.