Buying Fake ID Online Reddit

buying fake id online reddit

Buying Fake ID Online Reddit

As more states impose stricter ID security, underage drinkers have found inventive ways to circumvent arrest. One such means involves the use of fake IDs when purchasing alcohol; most underage drinkers don’t have access to quality fakes but some still manage to gain entry to clubs using these documents as ID.

Caught violating New York state law, those caught possessing documents that deceive someone about their age or place of birth can face several months of court cases and heavy legal expenses. Anyone under 21 found possessing documents which deceive someone about either could potentially face up to a year in jail.

Because of this, many underage drinking students form relationships with fake ID vendors in Ohio to obtain the document that will work best for them. According to The Lantern, students tend to become hyperaware of undercover police officers at certain times of year and know which bars allow fake IDs more freely.

Searches of Reddit reveal that an account called TedDanzigSR has been selling fake IDs since 2013. To purchase these IDs, users must download Tor Browser, navigate to hidden marketplaces, and pay with cryptocurrency bitcoin – making it harder for authorities to track both buyers and sellers.