Camouflage Passport Buy Online

camouflage passport buy online

Camouflage Passport Buy Online

Camouflage passport purchases were designed for noble reasons: If a foreigner were ever in trouble with authorities, they could use such documents to present them with genuine-looking documentation from countries they could claim are less suspicious; hoping this way authorities might treat them more fairly.

Walker sold around 350 camouflage passports by the time she was arrested in December 1987, mostly to migrants. Her clients included people resettling from former or renamed nations such as Rhodesia becoming Zimbabwe, or those that gained independence or merged into one another (British Honduras becoming Belize and Zanzibar becoming Tanganyika which later united as Tanzania). Furthermore, Walker frequently used names associated with adversaries of the United States such as East Germany or Yugoslavia.

As Barney Brantingham reported for the Santa Barbara Independent in 2007, these kits – complete with fake driver’s license and other identification documents – were still widely available online for $400-1,000, but are illegal to own in America and presenting one may result in serious repercussions in countries that regard such documents with suspicion.

Though some stories suggest forged passports have helped save lives by helping their holders avoid potentially hazardous situations, proof is hard to come by. According to Personal Safety London a company that specializes in travel security, many officials don’t understand how to detect fakes properly.