Can I Buy a Passport Online?

Buy a Passport Online


The purchase of a passport can open the doors to endless adventures; however, Buy a Passport Online  getting one may prove more complex if you do not meet all requirements. Here, we outline this process and give tips for successfully navigating it.

To obtain a new passport, you’ll need to submit an Application for Passports (DS-11), photo identification, and fees. To ensure timely receipt of your passport, we advise applying well in advance of travel plans. Keep in mind that the Department of State service standards do not include mailing times, so it could take up to five business days for it to reach you by mail.

As part of your application to enter Canada, you’ll also require photo identification that meets specific sizing and resolution standards. Acceptable forms of ID may include your driver’s license, government ID card, military ID card, or previous passport; consular officers may request additional evidence of citizenship, such as a Consular Report of Birth Abroad or a Certificate of Naturalization, as proof. Furthermore, passport-sized photos that show both front and back faces will also be necessary; family snapshots or portraits of yourself as well as school ID photos aren’t acceptable either.

If you aren’t quite ready to purchase a passport yet but still enjoy international travel benefits, one way is through citizenship-by-investment programs available worldwide. Prices typically range from around $100,000 for Caribbean countries like Dominica and St Lucia up to as high as $1.6 million in Malta if purchasing residency there.