Can I Enter Bulgaria With a Schengen Visa?

can i enter bulgaria with schengen visa

Can I Enter Bulgaria With a Schengen Visa?

Bulgaria, unlike most European nations, does not fall under the Schengen area and therefore if you hail from a non-region country then if visiting Bulgaria they must adhere to their visa requirements when visiting. But if your passport belongs to a member country then access will not be restricted further.

If you wish to stay longer in Bulgaria, a different type of visa will be necessary – the long-stay, or D visa – which can only be obtained from an Embassy or consulate of Bulgaria. When applying for this type of visa, an application form along with supporting documents will need to be submitted along with an application fee.

If you are traveling to Bulgaria for personal purposes, then an invitation declaration from your host is necessary. A business trip requires a letter from the company being visited; while cultural exchange requires letters from either the Ministry of Culture or local authorities. Furthermore, hotel reservations should also be made and proof of onward or return travel tickets be presented.

If you intend on traveling within the Schengen zone, you will require a valid passport or travel document valid throughout its entirety. Make sure your passport has at least three months remaining before its entry date into Bulgaria and contains two blank pages for identification purposes.