Can I Pay For Real ID With Credit Card in PA?

Can I Pay For Real ID With Credit Card in PA?

As a migrant living in Philadelphia or Philadelphia County, it can be challenging to obtain photo identification documents. Applying for either a State ID or PHL City ID takes both time and money as there may be various requirements to fulfill before receiving one.

After 9/11, the federal government passed the REAL ID Act, mandating states to meet more stringent ID card standards for ID cards issued within their borders and making it more difficult for people to use false documents to gain entry to commercial flights or secure federal buildings.

What is the Price of a REAL ID? A Real ID driver’s license or identification card costs an initial one-time $30 fee, although actual costs will depend upon your immigration status and whether or not it’s your first or renewal purchase.

How Can I Verify If My Documents Are Acceptable? All documents required to establish your identity and residency should be originals; they should show your name, date of birth and address. If none exist for your situation, an alternative proof can include proof from family.

Why does obtaining a REAL ID prove so challenging for migrants?

In states that are required to issue REAL ID cards, undocumented immigrants can often be denied their driver’s licenses due to REAL ID regulations; alternatively they could be put on a wait list until an ID can be approved for them.

Can I obtain a real identity using credit cards?