Can Illegal Immigrants Get Driver’s License in Florida?

can illegal immigrants get drivers license in florida

Can Illegal Immigrants Get Driver’s License in Florida?

Imagine being a foreigner driving to work every day in Florida without a license and knowing it could cost hundreds of dollars in fines if caught driving without one. But the expense is too great and so, in order to provide for your family, you take a risk and drive anyway without one.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of any given state requires proof that individuals living legally in the US reside here legally, including evidence such as having obtained an SSN number – something migrants don’t always have access to doing so.

People without Social Security Numbers have many reasons not to have one; such as not receiving their green card, not filing asylum or losing status due to changes in immigration law. Unfortunately, this may prevent migrants from getting licenses in Florida.

This can be especially discouraging given how difficult it can be for anyone in Florida to obtain a driver’s license; Florida’s DMV imposes strict criteria and requires considerable paperwork be filled out prior to being eligible for a license.

Florida lawmakers recently passed legislation designed to combat illegal immigration, with provisions to increase employment verification, discourage citizens from transporting undocumented aliens and require hospitals to report on associated costs; it also prohibits undocumented aliens from using out-of-state driver’s licenses.