Can You Buy Passport Stamps Online?

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Can You Buy Passport Stamps Online?

Be it an avid traveler or simply an admirer of maps and globes, passport stamps are treasured keepsakes for many. From bustling international airports to breathtaking views, even small stamps can hold precious memories. Each stamp tells its own tale about another country, culture or dream.

As digitalization continues to spread around the globe, travelers have turned to other methods of documenting their travels–from geotagging photos and apps to mark where they have been–to showcase their trips. But experts warn that this trend could have serious ramifications for those relying on stamps as proof of immigration status.

Migration law dictates that passports stamped with country names can determine whether migrants can freely travel between flights and ports of call, so only authorized officials such as border patrol officers, embassy staff and consular representatives are authorized to place stamps or notations into passports.

But that doesn’t preclude foreigners from purchasing stamps; in fact, stamp collecting has become a popular hobby among people worldwide. Many purchase counterfeit stamps online in order to use in their official passport; unfortunately though, as one woman in her sixties from Britain discovered when trying to board a Qatar Airways flight in Thailand but was refused due to having an Machu Picchu stamp in her passport – security officials refused her access due to having one with Machu Picchu on it in her passport!