Can You Just Buy a Passport Card?

Can You Just Buy a Passport Card?

How Can You Purchase a Passport Card (without Book) The United States government issues two different travel documents for citizens living in America – passport books and cards – each offering different sizes, appearances and validity periods.

Passport cards offer more convenience and less expense than passport books; however, they cannot be used for international air travel and must be applied for separately. They can however be used at land border crossings and sea ports of entry into the US from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and some Caribbean islands.

Adult passport cards are valid for ten years; five for children. Like traditional passport books, they contain nearly identical information such as your full name, nationality, date of birth, sex and issue/expiry dates as well as your unique passport card number.

These cards can serve as secondary forms of identification in the United States and comply with federal security standards set by the Real ID Act. Furthermore, they are accepted as boarding passes for domestic flights.

RushMyPassport can send your passport card directly to you by first-class mail or provide it in person at one of their travel agencies, providing it will arrive six to eight weeks before its due date (including mailing time). Therefore, to ensure timely delivery.

Adults who received their last passport at 16 or over can apply for a passport card at a cost of $30, providing an affordable alternative to traditional passport books for frequent border crossers or those living close to borders.