Can You Use Credit Card Bills For Real ID?

can you use credit card bills for real id

Can You Use Credit Card Bills For Real ID?

Questioning whether credit card bills can be used as real ID is of great concern to many individuals in today’s increasingly diverse United States. As our country diversifies, finding ways to provide everyone access to credit is paramount; predatory lenders may prey upon immigrant populations but many credit unions and community banks offer useful services that make access easier – choosing the appropriate lender can make all the difference for managing your finances successfully.

In response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, The Real ID Act was passed in 2005 as a response. It established federal standards for security, authentication and issuing of state driver’s licenses and ID cards; now required for commercial flights as well as secure federal facilities.

To obtain a Real ID, you must present original birth certificates, proof of Social Security numbers and documents proving your identity and residency.

If you already possess a standard state driver’s license or ID card, obtaining a Real ID may not be necessary; however, you will require one if planning on flying or visiting secure federal facilities after May 3, 2025.