Cheap Travel Insurance Schengen Visa

cheap travel insurance schengen visa

Cheap Travel Insurance Schengen Visa

Migration insurance schengen visa is one of the key considerations when planning for travel abroad, however its cost depends on your coverage needs and length of journey. A low cost travel medical plan might have limited maximum benefits and higher co-insurance percentage. Therefore it would be advisable for migrants to go for plans with greater benefits and coverage.

As part of their requirements, Schengen visa applicants must possess at minimum an international travel medical insurance policy offering at least EUR30,000 worth of coverage, valid during their entire trip and covering repatriation for health reasons, urgent medical treatment needs and hospital emergency treatments in addition to all countries within the Schengen zone.

When looking for cheap Schengen visa travel insurance, look for plans with at least EUR30,000 of coverage in all countries of the zone. Be aware that without adequate protection in place, an embassy might refuse to grant you one!

Purchase of visa insurance can be done online by providing personal details such as age, sex and nationality. After selecting an option and price point from a menu of options and prices to select your policy from. Once purchased, an ID card and other documents will be emailed directly to you for printing before presenting them at your visa center as proof of coverage.