Dark Web Credit Card Numbers For Sale

Dark Web Credit Card Numbers

Dark Web Credit Card Numbers For Sale

Stolen credit card numbers can be bought and sold on the dark web, Dark Web Credit Card Numbers  yet many may underestimate their scope, according to a report from NordVPN (opens in a new window).

NordVPN collaborated with third-party researchers specializing in cybersecurity incident research to assess a database of 4,478,908 stolen credit and debit card details listed for sale on Rescator dark web marketplace. While no personal identifying data existed within the database itself, NordVPN researchers assessed it from the perspective of criminals seeking to commit fraud using stolen card numbers, considering how they may have been obtained illegally.

Rescator researchers determined that approximately 1.6 million credit and debit cards available on Rescator belonged to US residents, with another 1.2 million from various other countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. NordVPN conducted further analysis by state and determined that California and Texas were particularly popular with hackers looking for opportunities to steal US citizens’ funds.

Criminals selling stolen card numbers online often purchase files containing basic cardholder details like card number and name, as well as more comprehensive information such as email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Protecting Yourself from Fraud

1. Stay Vigilant

Be cautious when sharing your personal and financial information online. Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown sources to minimize the risk of data breaches.

2. Monitor Your Accounts

Regularly monitor your credit card and bank accounts for any unauthorized transactions. Report any suspicious activity to your financial institution immediately to prevent further fraud.

3. Use Secure Payment Methods

When making online purchases, use secure payment methods such as credit cards with fraud protection or third-party payment services like PayPal. These methods offer an extra layer of security against fraudulent transactions.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your online accounts whenever possible. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification, such as a code sent to your mobile device, to access your accounts.


While the allure of obtaining credit card numbers on the dark web may seem appealing, the risks far outweigh any potential benefits. Engaging in illegal activities, such as purchasing stolen credit card information, not only violates the law but also exposes you to significant legal and financial liabilities.