Do Bulgarians Need a Schengen Visa?

do bulgarians need a schengen visa

Do Bulgarians Need a Schengen Visa?

Do Bulgarians Need a Schengen Visa? For most visitors, the answer to this question will likely be no; however, visitors should keep in mind that visa requirements may change quickly depending on various factors including updated agreements, temporary travel restrictions or newly implemented entry requirements. Therefore it’s wise to contact your nearest Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate prior to traveling to Bulgaria in case your travel plans need adjusting accordingly.

At present, citizens from over 90 different nations can travel to Bulgaria without needing a visa; this could change as Bulgaria works towards joining the Schengen zone by 2024 – when this happens, travellers from outside Europe may require an ETIAS.

Foreign nationals seeking to obtain a Bulgarian visa should submit their completed application form with supporting documents at the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence, typically three months before planned travel date. New applicants should contact their country’s Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate prior to making application in order to determine processing times, appointment availability and any relevant details.

Visas typically last 90 days from their date of issuance and it is wise to carry two copies with you, just in case the original gets misplaced or damaged during travel. Furthermore, passports issued within 10 years must contain at least two blank pages in order to qualify for visa issuance in Bulgaria.