Do I Need a Camera Card to Get a Real ID?

Do I Need a Camera Card to Get a Real ID?

Are you concerned that your driver’s license or identification card might no longer be accepted when boarding commercial flights or entering secure federal buildings? If that’s the case, then getting a Real ID may be your solution.

The Real ID Act, passed by Congress following recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, establishes minimum security standards for state-issued drivers’ licenses and identification cards issued by states. These include using anti-counterfeiting technology, preventing insider fraud and using documentary evidence and record checks to confirm who an individual claims to be.

An individual seeking to obtain a Real ID must follow several steps and the process may vary by state. You will typically need to make an appointment at their local Department of Motor Vehicles office and bring several documents with them – these could include proof of identity (birth certificate or passport); proof of legal presence (immigration document or employment authorization form); and state residency documents.

What Are the Problems with Acquiring a Real ID? One major drawback of getting a Real ID is its complex requirements that may make it impossible for many immigrants to secure one.

What can I do to assist? Davis & Associates can assist immigrants in transitioning from an ID document to Real ID cards with our variety of programs and resources available to them. Reach out today and find out how we can assist!