Do I Need a Driver License to Buy a Car?

Do I Need a Driver License to Buy a Car?

Why does it seem difficult for migrants to purchase cars? One of the greatest difficulties for immigrants in America is finding work and transportation options; often economic considerations bring them here and they need access to driving a vehicle – but their immigration status prevents them from obtaining a driver’s license.

Without a license to drive legally, purchasing or financing a car may seem impossible; however, many banks will consider customers with IDs who do not possess driving permission as acceptable candidates for financing a vehicle.

How Can I Acquire A Driving License

If you are from outside of the US and planning on staying for some time, an International Driving Permit (IDP) may be required in order to drive here legally. It allows drivers to travel between countries legally. An IDP should always accompany an original driver’s license from your country of origin.

As each state may require different requirements for driving in their state, before traveling in the U.S. you should contact their Department of Motor Vehicles prior to arrival and find out the requirements needed for an IDP and state-issued licenses.

Once you have your license, purchasing and registering your car is straightforward. However, keep in mind that most insurance providers require one person – usually either your spouse, child or another trusted individual – to be listed as the primary driver on your policy. Ideally this should be someone from within your immediate family such as an uncle, aunt or sibling that regularly drives it.