Do I Need a Schengen Visa For Bulgaria?

do i need a schengen visa for bulgaria

Do I Need a Schengen Visa For Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is an ideal travel destination, offering picturesque beaches, rich history and an expanding economy. Unfortunately, its strict visa rules can make life challenging for migrants looking to stay long term; this article provides information regarding EU and non-EU citizen requirements and processes for applying for a visa in Bulgaria.

Do I Need a Schengen Visa for Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is part of the Schengen Area, so its citizens, as well as those from EFTA (EU members Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), may travel freely throughout this region without needing a visa. However, visitors to Bulgaria must possess valid passports that are at least 90 days valid from date of entry; additionally foreign nationals should provide evidence of sufficient funds.

Short-stay visa requirements depend on the purpose of the visit: Private/Tourist: An invitation declaration signed by your host that must be legalised by a notary judge; Business: Official invitation from relevant person/legal body, cultural exchange: Letter from Ministry of Culture or local authorities and documentation from hospital/clinic concerning procedures that need to be followed during visit are all essential elements.

De facto couples wishing to reside in Bulgaria must secure a residence permit for family reunification. To apply, applicants must submit an application form, notary power of attorney signed by both parties, copies of birth certificates and copies of police clearance certificates or financial guarantees as needed by their embassy or consulate.